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Changes in Analyzing Credit Behavior

Fundamental Shift in How Credit Reports Will be Analyzed Very boring mortgage industry news that BOX Home Loan Employees should be aware of.  Consider this a warning that if you’re a human being, the following article may cause extreme drowsiness: Analyzing Credit Behavior Continued: Just wanted to make sure some of you are aware of Read more ›

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Fed Expected To Keep Rates Low

After fears earlier in 2014 that the Fed was about to raise interest rates, it now seems that rates will remain unchanged for some time. Experts cite declining oil prices and flat inflation as evidence of the prime rate remaining near zero as it has been for the last six years. Part of the reason Read More »... Read more ›

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Deficit Falls Again

According to a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office, the nation’s deficit is shrinking. From the fiscal year 2013 to 2014, the deficit dropped from 4.1%to 2.8%of GDP. In hard numbers, America went from $675 billion in debt to roughly $480 billion. This decline is attributed to an improving economy, higher taxes and continued Read More »... Read more ›

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Protecting Yourself & Your Credit From Credit Card Hackers

In light of the recent Credit Card and Debit Card information breach, we thought we would share with you a few steps to help you if you think your information may have been compromised, as well as some tips to protect yourself in the future. Over the past few months, companies like Target and Home Read More »... Read more ›

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BOX Home Loans New Platinum Pricing

Your Reward For Great Credit Here’s a little secret:  All mortgage lenders—from the medium-sized folks like Box Home Loans to the “big boys” like Wells Fargo and Bank of America—ultimately sell the majority of their loans to an end-investor. For example, Bank of America may take your payments but they have most likely sold your Read More »Read more ›

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Improving Your Credit Score

Tips To Improve Your Credit Score? Your Credit Score – Turning a Necessary Evil into a Money-Saving Tool Many people view their Credit Score as a complex, frustrating, “Necessary Evil.” Just when you think you understand your score, it drops a few points, leaving you confused and right back where you started. This is not the Read More »... Read more ›

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Shopping for rates

Shopping for rates!    The other day, while shopping with a friend, I walked into the cutest little boutique. I thought to myself, “Geez, if I worked here my entire paycheck would go right back into the store!”. As the cashier rang up my purchase, she agreed with me. Saying she got a job there Read More »... Read more ›

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