Mortgage Calculators

A mortgage is one of the most complex loans you’ll ever get in your life. We want you to be comfortable and knowledgeable as you get your loan through Box Home Loans. Further, we have provided a number of different home purchasing tools and mortgage calculators for you to use to analyze your financial situation. Please use them as much as you’d like and contact us with any questions you might have about your personal situation. Of course, a loan officer can help you understand the best solution that fits your personal needs.

For your convenience we have included many different calculators below. First check out our instant quote tool, as this is a powerful calculator that will be able to help with many of your questions and concerns.

Home Buying Calculators

All things considered, purchasing a home is different for everyone. With this in mind, use these below to figure out if purchasing a home is worth it for you!

Mortgage Payment Calculator
Home Affordability Calculator
Rent vs Buying Calculator
Mortgage Tax Savings Calculator

Mortgage Refinance Calculators

Refinance Calculator

General Loan Calculators

Credit Score Estimator
Mortgage Comparison Tool
Interest Rate Buy Down Estimator

Get Out of Debt Tools

Credit Card Payment Calculator
Extra Payment Calculator
Debt Restructuring Calculator

Interactive calculators are self-help tools. As a result, all examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes only.