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What Do You Want In A House?

Determining what you want in a house of your own can be more difficult than you think. You might have a picture in your head of your ideal home, only to find out that it doesn’t match up with the reality of what’s available in your area or your price range. It’s also possible that Read More »... Read more ›

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Three Ongoing Expenses That Homeowners Should Expect

Expenses That Home Owners Should Expect When you sit down in the title insurance office and sign your paperwork at closing, you’ll probably feel a big sense of relief. It’s finally over! You are a homeowner. The reality, though, is that your financial commitment is only just beginning. Owning a home comes with a variety of Read more ›

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Home Loan Application Process

Home Loan Application Process In today’s world you can do almost anything online. From ordering groceries at the local supermarket to watching the most recent episode of Breaking Bad, It is a digital world.  They say the world is at your fingertips, but with the endless possibilities why do we still have to go in Read More »... Read more ›

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