Shopping for rates

Shopping for rates!


 The other day, while shopping with a friend, I walked into the cutest little boutique. I thought to myself, “Geez, if I worked here my entire paycheck would go right back into the store!”. As the cashier rang up my purchase, she agreed with me. Saying she got a job there just for the employee discount.  I didn’t think much about it until I got home and later that night as my husband and I sat down to relax. I jumped on a local realtors website to check out homes for sale in my area. Then I spent over an hour browsing the homes listed; sometimes even planning in my head the renovation projects I’d have with some of the properties.  Did I mention that I’m not even in the market for a new house? That I was just doing this for fun? Luckily, homes are more expensive than the items in that little boutique. Otherwise, my entire paycheck would go right back to Box Home Loans! Luckily, Box’s instant quote tool makes shopping for rates much easier

Instant Quotes

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While I had the realtors website pulled up on my laptop, my husband had Box’s instant quote pulled up on our ipad.  With each home I liked, he updated the numbers on the website to see what our payment and fees would be.  And just like that, I would realize if the home was a possibility or just a little bit out of my price range still.  Out of curiosity, my husband tried finding a quote from several other “competitors” but his efforts were in vain.  Without providing personal information (which would ultimately lead to someone contacting us that we didn’t want to talk to), we couldn’t get a quote online.

 Why do other lenders do this?  For a typical mortgage company, they need to sell you on a person.  They want to be able to talk to you on the phone and become best friends, or make you shell out money for a credit report so you feel obligated to go back to them.  Sounds like a bad boyfriend from high school, doesn’t it?  Well Box doesn’t have a dependency complex; we are the confident captain of the football team.  We know that our website and full rate quotes online speak for themselves.

The best in the business

I’ve worked for Box Home Loans for nearly 6 years now- you could say that I’m biased, but I love Box.  I love staff meetings where we talk about how to improve service and speed.  I love trainings where we learn about improvements made to our system to promote transparency and communication.  We are quite literally obsessed with being the best, the popular kid, the trend setter.  We want people to love us and I’m quite confident that if they meet us through our website, they’ll fall head over heels.

By: Meagan Layton

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