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Your Reward For Great Credit

Here’s a little secret:  All mortgage lenders—from the medium-sized folks like Box Home Loans to the “big boys” like Wells Fargo and Bank of America—ultimately sell the majority of their loans to an end-investor. For example, Bank of America may take your payments but they have most likely sold your loan to an investor like Fannie Mae.  In order to understand how Box Platinum Pricing works, you must understand this fundamental truth about mortgage lending:  end-investors—those who buy mortgages—set the market price for mortgage loans, and the higher quality of loan, how great the credit is, the more an end-investor will pay to buy that loan.

Such is the case with our Platinum Pricing. We’ve recently entered into a partnership with a small group of investors who will pay us more for nearly perfect loans, and we’re passing that savings on to those who qualify in the form of Box Platinum Pricing. Fortunately, more than 74% of our clients meet the criteria for this excellent offer!

So, what’s the criteria? Platinum pricing borrowers must meet income documentation, credit history, loan-to-value (LTV), debt to income ratio, and property restrictions. For a more comprehensive list of the qualifying characteristics, check out our Platinum Pricing page.

By lending only to the cream of the crop we have removed 50% of the paperwork and headache from the loan process. In addition, we only offer one product line: loans that require a 3.5% down payment and a great credit score. All of that leads to tremendous efficiencies in our process, which translates into unbelievable savings for you! In fact, we have cut loan closing costs by an almost ridiculous 68%. For example, Box Home Loans has a processing fee as low as $250. No origination fees. No underwriting fees. No wire fees. No junk. And no, we do not raise your interest rate to make up for the low costs. – See more at:

To determine your odds of qualifying, visit BOX Home Loans Today’s Rates page and call one of our expert loan officers today!


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