First step in Purchasing

The first step in purchasing the right home is picking a lender who knows getting a great deal is good, but getting that great deal closed and funded, is what it takes to get you the keys to move in. Purchasing a home is already stressful. Getting the loan shouldn’t add to that stress – and when you’re “Inside The Box,” it won’t. We’ll take care the financials and  let you worry about arranging the movers and relocating the cable tv. Use the links below to choose the best scenario that fits your needs today and at any time you want to talk to a no-pressure, salaried loan officer – give us a call at 877.905.0005 or chat with one online immediately.

    1. I Need to Pre-Qualify. You’re thinking about purchasing, starting to look at homes online and wonder what you can truly afford based on today’s interest rates. Learn More about Pre-Qualifying with Box Home Loans. Call us: 877.905.0005opens phone dialer
    2. I’m Ready to get Pre-Approved. You’ve got a few homes you’re ready to make an offer on. Learn more about a Box Home Loans Pre-Approval.
    3. My Offer Is Accepted and I’m Under Contract! You’ve found the right home, the sellers have agreed to your terms and you need the Right Loan! Start your Online Application Today so we can ensure you close on time and don’t have to reschedule the movers.