Real Time Rating System

Few companies are bold enough to let their customers post unedited ratings of their company on their homepage. But Box Home Loans (Box) wants to accomplish what most believe are mutually exclusive goals:  to offer not only the lowest price on the planet but to do so with phenomenal service. We strive to debunk the myth that you have to pay extra to get great service. Our Real Time Customer Rating System is how we measure that commitment to customer service.

Real Time Rating

Here’s how it works. The graph to the left indicates how our clients have rated their experience on a scale from 1 to 10 during the last 60 days. Our clients set that rating in their “My Account” page. Then it is posted on our homepage the second they close. Whether they are very happy or very unhappy, their rating is posted.

Over the last 60-days 92.62% of our clients are happy. Are we perfect? Not yet. On rare occasions, someone isn’t happy. Until we offer perfect service, we will continue to let our customers hold us accountable by sharing their ratings of our company with the world.

Happy Scale

That is why every processor and loan officer at Box is compensated by how highly their customers rate their experience. Service is our culture. Of course, when the overwhelming majority of our customers’ ratings are positive, it’s easy to be bold in posting them on our home page. And, to be totally honest, it’s fun to show off. Of course, we really do it for a much more important reason. We know that by being transparent with these ratings that we will further embed within our company the ultimate culture of accountability to our customers. Check out what recent customers had to say.