Debt consolidation

That time of month when you sit down to pay the bills is here, all of them. Instead of writing multiple checks out to different creditors, why not roll that debt into a single loan – your home loan? At Box Home Loans, we can help you identify the best sources for debt consolidation and ensure they are neatly packaged into your mortgage payment. You’ll find that you’ll likely spend less per month in addition to simplifying the day you pay your bills. Let us know if you’re ready to start saving today!

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is the process of paying several outstanding debts by obtaining a new loan, usually at a lower interest rates.

When is it the smart thing to do?

The most common reason people consolidate is when they have several different high interest loans.

If your credit score has improved since the time when you got your original loans. If your credit score has not improved, it may not be worth it to consolidate your debts.

If your mortgage interest rate is lower than the interest rate on some of your original loans.

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