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Changes in Analyzing Credit Behavior

Fundamental Shift in How Credit Reports Will be Analyzed Very boring mortgage industry news that BOX Home Loan Employees should be aware of.  Consider this a warning that if you’re a human being, the following article may cause extreme drowsiness: Analyzing Credit Behavior Continued: Just wanted to make sure some of you are aware of Read more ›

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Credit Scores & Your Financial Health

Credit Scores & Your Financial Health So we hear a lot about this infamous score and how it can affect our future financial abilities – but what is it really, and how does it come about? First of all, a credit score is an entirely different beast than a credit report. A credit report is Read More »... Read more ›

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What You Don’t Know About Your Credit Can Really Hurt You

Your credit score means everything in the mortgage lending world. Credit Reports show that close to one in four Americans have never checked their credit report. Never? Are you kidding me?  This report contains important information about a person’s credit history and ability to be financially responsible, including credit cards (revolving debt history), mortgages, and auto Read more ›

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