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Fixed Rate Mortgages Lower for Fifth Week

Another Week of Lower Fixed Rate Mortgages Fixed rate mortgages experienced their fifth consecutive week of lower rates last week, according to a new Primary Mortgage Market Survey that was released by Freddie Mac. These rates represent new lows for 2014 and the average price is actually at its lowest point since the final week Rea... Read more ›

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Landscaping That Adds Value To Your Home

Adding Value to Your Property With Professional Landscaping If you’re trying to increase the value of your home, you can seldom go wrong with landscaping. Landscaping in the front of your home increases the curb appeal and initial impressions of your property while landscaping in the back of your home can be used to extend Read... Read more ›

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Relocation Considerations

Some things to look out for when you’re preparing for a relocation Experts agree that relocating is one of the most stressful life situations individuals face, especially considering that it is often a result of a new job opportunity. So before contemplating a stressful move, it’s important to prepare against the unforeseen changes a relocation Read M... Read more ›

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Advantages & Disadvantages for Mortgage Terms / Loan Types

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES FOR EACH MORTGAGE TERM?  30 Year Mortgage:   This term is good for those that want to keep their monthly payment low.  Keep in mind the older we get the longer we’ll need to work to pay this long term loan off.   This can be a disadvantage to those that want to Read More »... Read more ›

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