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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance I’ve often wondered about my hometown, Springville UT, since I’ve heard of a flood that happened decades ago when hobble creek (a creek which runs through the middle of the town) overflowed and flooded most of the town.  If I owned a home in Springville, would I be required to purchase flood insurance? Read More »... Read more ›

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Understanding Mortgage Escrow Prepaids – Box Home Loans Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Escrow Prepaids include: We wish (like you) that escrow funds from a previous mortgage could simply be ‘rolled over’ into your new m escrow account, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way anymore ever since the Dodd/Frank Act took effect. Understanding mortgage escrow prepaids can be tricky… but we’ll help you get a better understanding, Read more ›

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Why Customer Service?

Why Customer Service? As I have worked for different companies and job-types, there is always one thing that I find being emphasized at each job, no matter how different, that thing is customer service. I began to wonder why it is emphasized so much in all different job types, and so I decided to look Read More »... Read more ›

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