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Mortgage Escrow Prepaids include:

We wish (like you) that escrow funds from a previous mortgage could simply be ‘rolled over’ into your new m escrow account, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way anymore ever since the opens in a new windowDodd/Frank Act took effect. Understanding mortgage escrow prepaids can be tricky… but we’ll help you get a better understanding, here’s some mortgage tips:   “ opens in a new windowPrepaids” is a term used that includes certain costs due at closing, namely; days of interest, and property tax and insurance escrows.

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At closing, we will set up your new escrow account with sufficient reserves on hand. So, when your taxes and insurance come due, those reserves combined with the monthly payments you’ll be making will be adequate to make those payments in full.

You will be refunded when your new loan funds and the old loan is paid off. The previous lender will send you a refund check for all excess escrow funds that were being held.  You can expect to receive that check between 10 days and 3 weeks following funding. This way, you will pay for the new escrow account at closing. But will be refunded a similar amount from the previous lender.

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