Landscaping That Adds Value To Your Home

Adding Value to Your Property With Professional Landscaping

If you’re trying to increase the value of your home, you can seldom go wrong with landscaping. Landscaping in the front of your home increases the curb appeal and initial impressions of your property while landscaping in the back of your home can be used to extend your property’s usable space.

Outdoor Kitchens and Patios

One of the more popular additions today are outdoor kitchens and patios. A simple outdoor kitchen turns a backyard into a wonderful recreational area for neighbors, family and friends. An outdoor kitchen can also be paired with a bar or relaxation and entertainment area. (1)

Stone Walls and Paths

Stone additions to backyards tend to be very sought after; they make the yard look wonderful without adding to the maintenance the homeowner needs to complete. Even better, you can often build these pathways and walls on your own! (2)

Water Features and Ponds
Ponds and water features are lovely methods of sprucing up a yard. Consider a soothing waterfall that empties into a pool for additional flair. (2)

Privacy Fencing

Everyone loves privacy. If your property isn’t already fenced in, you may want to consider putting up some privacy fencing around the yard. Not only does this keep the yard safe from animals, but it also increases the property’s value. (3)

Well-Placed Trees

If you’re considering the long-term value of your property, a tree is the best way to go. A large tree greatly increases the value of a property, but it takes some time to grow. You need to place the tree properly, however, to ensure that it doesn’t eventually damage the property itself. When considering different forms of landscaping, keep in mind that lower maintenance improvements are usually best. High maintenance improvements, while they may be attractive, often turn prospective buyers off. (4)



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