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I had been told before that getting a rate quote with companies other than Box Home Loans would be difficult. But I didn’t really understand what they meant until trying it for myself.

I’m 22 years old and have a steady girlfriend, we’ve been thinking about marriage recently. Naturally, we thought about where we’d want to live. So I thought it actually might be kind of fun to look around online to see what house we could afford. Today I began the search and found out a few interesting things.

After looking around for a little bit, it was easy to see that most companies have really stepped up recently in showing a few rates right off the bat. But, when you try to get down to the details, they dig for your personal information. I searched for a little while and encountered the same thing on most websites. Such as: Wells Fargo, Mountain America Credit Union, etc., I decided to try Box Home Loans, where I work.

I’d always heard that it was free and easy to get a rate quote on our website, but then that was from coworkers and bosses, so I guess I never really knew whether that opinion was biased or not until now. I definitely have to say that I found the site VERY easy to navigate and figure out how to see the rates, and you really get to see every possible option and then the details for those options.

The only hard thing is qualifying for a loan with Box Home Loans. At my age, I still don’t have much of a credit score established, among other things. If I were in the position to, I think I’d definitely use Box Home Loans for any future home purchase. I’ll be referring their website to my friends, family, and anyone else that comes my way.

Check  out Box’s instant rate quote here.

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