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Service Standards

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hold your family physician to the same standards that Box Home Loans maintains? Just think of it! If you went into the doctor’s office and you absolutely KNEW you would be treated in the fastest most efficient manner available and be made aware of every cost associated with your treatment including 3rd party service providers upfront!

That would certainly be remarkable. For instance, you break your arm and are forced to seek medical care. What if the experience of receiving medical attention was fast, convenient and efficient with an upfront guaranteed quote for all fees associated with the treatment? Compare this wish list with your last experience receiving medical treatment. You are probably still gun shy visiting your mailbox afraid of getting bills and collection notices for things you didn’t know were part of your treatment.

It is a masquerade of sorts isn’t it? You never quite know what is behind the processes of medical care and cost. Could be that an x-ray is required… But, do they actually ever tell you how much it is going to cost? Imagine getting a price quote from the phlebotomist!

“Yes, I will draw your blood into these five vials.” “That will be $300.00 please…” Ha! “Oh, you need an x-ray, step right over here lean against this screen. “Will that be credit or debit?”

Hey, in those scenarios at least you would know beforehand what the costs would be for the services you receive. At Box Home Loans we make it easy. Our service standards are accurate and guaranteed.

Imagine the hospital giving you a guaranteed quote for medical services online before you even gave them your personal information. Right! Well, Box Home Loans does just that. We never ask you for personal information before giving you a quote. No blood sample is required no personal ‘health history’. What does your social security number have to do with the price of treatment?

The cool part is that once we have quoted you a rate. We stick to it, including costs for all third party service providers. We absolutely stick to our promises and put our price points on the line to keep you satisfied as a customer.

While we appreciate the care rendered by health care professionals and recognize their standards contribute greatly to our quality of life, it sure would be nice if they could be a little more BOX like.

Box Home Loans is kind of like medical care, we’d all rather not need those services. But unlike the health care industry, we give a guaranteed quote up front, we make what’s normally a slow, painful experience. . .faster, less painful and more convenient. Don’t you wish your physician worked that way?

Aaron Brown, Co-Founder
Box Home Loans

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