So You Want to Refinance?

Take advantage of low interest rates

In the 1980’s and 1990’s interest rates of 8-10% were commonplace. Over the years’ rates have dropped, and in 2012 we saw rates go as low as 3.35% and lower in some cases. What if you kept that rate of 10%, and never took advantage of the opportunity to lower it? You would have missed out on incredibly low interest rate, and a huge amount of savings you would pay in interest alone.  Friends and family would tell you about a great home they just got for 6%, 5%, and in today’s world 3-4%, with little to no closing costs.  Refinancing is a process, depending on your situation, that allows you to do the following:

  1. Take advantage of a better interest rate or shortened loan term
  2. Consolidate other debt(s) into one loan, potentially decreasing the monthly payments and interest paid over time.
  3. Reduce the monthly payment amount
  4. Reduce or alter risk (e.g. switching from a variable-rate to a fixed-rate loan)
  5. Receive cash back

Refinancing essentially replaces an existing debt obligation with a new debt obligation with different terms.  At Box Home Loans the terms and conditions of refinancing are simple; you need to “fit inside the box”.   By saying ‘no’ to the masses, we can offer those that do fit our criteria an amazing price and legendary customer service. In order to fit in the box you must meet three basic requirements:


  1. Have a minimum credit score of 620
  2. Put down 3.5% on a purchase, or 3.5% equity on a refinance
  3. Finance an owner-occupied, primary residence

Why Box Home Loans?

What Box home Loans has been able to do has revolutionized the mortgage industry. We have been able to slash closing costs by lending exclusively to those with great credit.  Rewarding you for all the hard work you’ve put into tailoring your credit score.

Box Home Loans does not finance rental properties or second homes. There are other factors that might exclude one from fitting inside the box. Those include but are not limited to bankruptcies, foreclosures, and certain or unique property types such as multiplexes, manufactured housing, or geodesic dome homes. Please consult a Box Home Loans mortgage consultant to confirm that you fit inside the box. The process to refinance, or purchase, a hom

e isn’t rocket science. Yet the competition makes it SO difficult to get an instant quote. We see it differently. No blood sample required. Get your quote now. 24/7. We also encourage you to shop around. Until you compare, you don’t really know how low Box Home Loans’ rates and fees are. 

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