Kitchen Basics: Organizing Your Kitchen

Screenshot 2014-07-22 14.33.45opens IMAGE file The kitchen tends to be the most high-traffic room in the home, especially if you love to cook. However, cooking and in-home dining can lose its appeal in a kitchen not set up for maximum efficiency. Here are some tips for creating a kitchen you’ll love to spend time in:

Maximizing Kitchen Space

Strive to use every square inch of your kitchen space efficiently. Consider stove placement relative to cabinets, counter space, cutting boards, pots and pans, and other key cookware. Use vertical space from between floor and ceiling to your advantage. Consider installing drawers within cabinets for easy access to your items and a system for hanging your most-used pans on the wall near the stove. Have a dedicated space for spices and seasonings so that they stay organized and accessible.

Storage is Key

Ideal storage solutions are crucial to an efficient kitchen. Whether existing or built in, your storage setup will lead to either bliss or frustration, so choose wisely. Drawers make storing and accessing things easy. If you’re storage-challenged, some stand-alone metal shelving can help. Remember that storage needs evolve over time, so consider adjustable and movable solutions to allow for flexibility.

Contain It. Using containers is a great way to store dry goods like rice, flour, sugar, beans, etc. Use identical containers that are labeled to give your kitchen a uniform, neat and organized look. Stackable containers are another option of your kitchen is highly space-challenged.

Label It. Be sure and label opaque containers so that you won’t be fumbling during your cooking escapades. You can label shelving interiors too as a reminder of where things go when you’re done using them.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, so do all you can to make it appealing and efficient. These tips can help you get started.

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