How to Keep Your Home Germ Free

While not quite as bad as the 2012-13 flu season, this year has seen higher rates of reported flu cases than most years. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates the flu season to continue until as late as May. Therefore, it is still in full swing and an immediate threat to your family’s health. Read below for ways to keep your home germ-free during flu season:


Avoid the flu virus when possible:
 Although it is still possible to come into contact with someone who has the flu in a public place, you can pr

otect yourself and your family from the flu if you avoid contact with individuals who you know have the flu.

Wash your hands often:
 It is the advice you have been given since grade school, and it is still wise today. Washing your hands is still the best way to keep yourself from contracting the flu from others thus keeping it out of your home. Be sure to wash your hands extremely well when returning from any public location.

Invest in high-efficiency filters:
 A standard home filter is designed to keep dust and other damaging particles from getting into your furnace or air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, these basic filters do not filter germs. Thankfully, you can buy high-efficiency filters that are designed to filter out even microscopic germs from entering your home. They will also filter out pet dander and mold spores, which makes them well worth the monetary investment.

Disinfect and clean on a regular basis in problem areas:
 Another way to keep your home germ-free is wiping down germ hot spot areas on a regular basis with disinfectant wipes. Pay special attention to toilet handles, doorknobs, computer keyboards, faucets, kids’ toys, phones and remote controls. It is also important to clean your bed linens on a regular basis to wash away any germs that might be present.

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