How To Have Fun On A Summer Budget

Summer Time Fun – Within Your Budget

School is out, and your children are on summer vacation! If you are like millions of Americans, you simply cannot afford an expensive getaway, and beg as they might, your children are not going to be able to spend their summer days at sleep-away camps and amusement parks. That does not mean that you and your children cannot have fun, though! These are some ways to have summer fun on a budget.

Get Wet!

Getting wet on hot days is one of the best parts about summer. Go to the beach or lakeside if one is within reach of your house. If not, turn on the sprinklers or hose and run through it. Invite the neighborhood children oHow-to-Have-Summer-Fun-on-a-Budget-300x200opens IMAGE file ver for more fun! Cool off outside so you don’t need to run the air conditioner as much in your house.

Go to the Library

Check the schedule at your local public library for regular story hours or any other special programs that are being offered. Many municipal libraries sponsor summer reading programs that present weekly fun programs for everyone and offer prizes for children who read books over the summer. The library is a great place to hang out because there are unlimited books to read (and it is air conditioned!).

Pack a Picnic

A picnic is a nice change of pace whether you drive to a nearby park or just stay in your own backyard. Pack cool foods, such as sandwiches and cut watermelon. Also consider making frozen fruit pops by freezing juice in paper cups with a popsicle stick in each one.

Check Your Local Park’s Schedule

Public parks can be vibrant places in the summer. There may be free concerts in the park in evenings and on weekends, and your children may be able to take advantage of free or low-cost programs that can include art classes, acting workshops, and movie viewings. Recreation centers can also be starting points for day trips to local attractions.

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