Summertime Home Improvement Ideas

DIY: Three Ideas for Your Home this Summer

Even if you didn’t quite get to all the spring cleaning that you had planned on, you can still tackle a few easy DIY projects around the house this summer. The following three projects are not only easy, they will also make your home safer and more comfortable!DIY-Three-Ideas-for-Your-Home-this-Summer-198x300opens IMAGE file


You would be surprised just how clogged up the vent system for your gas dryer can really get over a single season of drying. First, remove the lint trap and scrub it out completely. Just removing the lint after each drying won’t do the full job. Full cleaning requires hot running water, until you can see water flowing freely through all the lint trap holes. Don’t forget to check the roof vent for your dryer, either: This easily becomes clogged too and it can be a major fire hazard. Make this the first of your annual summer dryer vent cleanings to keep the vents in tip-top shape.


Did the harsh winter weather do some damage to your siding? This is pretty common during the punishing cold weather, but it’s easy to fix during the warmer months. These are often small repairs, for example loose siding is pretty easy to fix. This is also a good time to clean the siding. Ideally, you will want to pressure wash the siding if possible. While you’re working on the siding, you might be inspired to clean the windows too. This will really give a fresh new look to the home for the summer!

Landscaping and Garden

You don’t need to take on major landscaping projects to make a big difference to the outer appearance of your home. Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the warm weather as you plant some veggies, hardy annual flowers, and spruce up any walkways or patio areas. Even just a few bright plant additions can really make the home look much more cheerful and appealing. Bonus: Many people find gardening relaxing, so you might just find a new hobby to love, too!

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