Company Incentive Trips


Company Incentive Trips

Driving home from work one afternoon I received a cell call – it was Jeff, the Co-Founder of our company, Box Home Loans.  Of course, my first thoughts were those of guilt and responsibility…  “Now what did I do?”  “What did I forget?”  My silly fears were quickly put to rest when he told me he had something exciting to share – that as a top producer, I had qualified for the President’s Club – and he was inviting me to join others on a trip to Kauii in the spring of 2011!

We’d had a busy hectic year in the office – but not in my wildest dreams did I imagine winning an all-expense paid trip to paradise. After all, I loved my job as a Loan Originator.  Pay was great, super co-workers, and a jovial work environment seemed enough at the time.  But Hawaii??  Wow.  I had hit pay dirt!

Very soon spring 2011 arrived, and together, our group spent a relaxing, breathtaking, exhilarating 7 days in the most beautiful place I’d ever seen in my life.  We were treated to breakfast buffets, luau’s, and time to play and sightsee on our own.  For a week we could set aside the responsibilities of a hectic office atmosphere, laugh and play and eat and sleep, and feel accomplished for pulling off the most profitable year in Box Home Loans history!

Being part of the trip to Hawaii was motivation enough for me to keep pushing to make Box Home Loans a success.  Our next year was another record breaker, and so many of us were pleased with our efforts.  Imagine my shock when I got another phone call from Jeff in December of 2011, inviting me once again to the Presidents Club trip to the Big Island of Hawaii in the spring of 2012! Yet another motivator to be the best I could be.  Then spring of 2013 was th

e icing on the cake, when for the third year in a row I flew to Hawaii with an ecstatic group of people to spend a week in exotic Maui.

I really feel that third time was a charm.  I’ve loved working for Box, and value the opportunities to contribute to the success of the company.  Recognizing my efforts is their way of saying ‘thanks’, and of course makes me feel appreciated and respected as an employee.  I’ll continue punching that time clock, originating loans, and carry on the success of a company I’ve grown to love and appreciate.  I’m proud to be part of the Box Home Loans family, and hope to continue taking part in their constant success. 

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