What Home Buyers Are Looking For In A House

What Do Buyers Want In A Home

Buyers want a lot of different things from the homes they buy, but above all they look for comfort and a place that fits their lifestyle. The formal rooms of the past are now passe as most buyers know they will spend the majority of their time in the living room and kitchen. They want large and comfortable living rooms that give them room to have the entire family together and to entertain. They also want their kitchens to be large and inviting to allow families and groups of friends to prepare mConcept of what you wantopens IMAGE file eals together.

Going Greener

In addition to comfort, home buyers today want a home that will have a minimal impact on the environment. They want appliances that require less energy to operate them and windows that will help to keep the home insulated against outside temperatures.

Curb Appeal

The way the home looks means a lot to most buyers. They want a home that they will enjoy looking at every day. Keeping the outside of the home in good repair and landscaping the yard around it will go a long way toward boosting the home’s curb appeal.

Location and Neighborhood Appeal

Where the home is situated will determine much of its value. Buyers want homes that are in good neighborhoods and that are close to work or shopping. Many also look at the nearby schools before they make a decision. A house that is in a good part of town and near good schools should also be a neighborhood that is kept up well. Buyers know that unsightly yards and rundown houses nearby can harm their own property values.


The way homes were used decades ago is often a bit different than the way they are used today. Older houses may have many small, choppy rooms or outdated materials that modern buyers simply don’t want. Today’s buyers also want plenty of storage and a large master bath. A house with all of these modern amenities will be appealing to a wide selection of potential buyers.

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