Financial Technology Rules

Box Home Loans is different. We like simplifying things for our borrowers and helping them have the best mortgage experience. One of the ways we do this is by our automated system. We invested heavily in our technology to make it faster, simpler, and easier. Our automated system helps our customers from day one. When you begin shopping for a mortgage, it’s fast and easy, no personal information required. visit, put in some basic information (loan amount, property value, state, county), and click “Get Rates”! Because our rates are extremely accurate and updated daily they’re as good as a Good Faith Estimate!

If you would then like to apply for a loan, you click “Apply Online”. You are then provided with a password protected account page. This enables you to log in and out as you may need some time to think or gather the needed information. A non-commission loan officer will be in touch to answer questions and assist you.

Once you’ve submitted your application your loan process has begun. You can log in to your account page and see live updates on any progress, communicate directly with your loan officer and processor, and sign paperwork and documents electronically. NO PAPERWORK. NO HASSLE.

Another awesome part of your own account page is the upload portal; we’ve made very easy to upload your documents to us. You can e-mail or fax them, but you can also log onto your personal account and simply click upload or attach the file, and it’s automatically uploaded and saved into our system. Our technology is pretty easy to use even if you aren’t very computer savvy. Our processors and loan officers are happy to walk you through the steps and help you get in your documentation that we need.

Overall I would say the best part about our technology and all the “computer system help” is that it allows us to have more time for you, our customers. Our processors and loan officers have touch calls that they make every week, or more! We pride ourselves in our low costs and great customer service; we can accomplish those two things because of the automated system. It helps our loan process go smoothly; streamline the process to eliminate

more costs, and allows us more time to serve you. Box Home Loans is the way to go, we help people all across the nation and the way we’re able to do that so easily is through the streamline, simple process that we’ve created.

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