Pre-Qualification gives YOU the power to buy your next home. Without getting pre-qualified, you could be buying much more home than you should – or worse – Less than you can afford! With a pre-qualification, we review your online loan application and credit report thoroughly. Based on what your application states about your income and assets, we will let you know how much mortgage you qualify for. As long as what you state about your income and assets is accurate, a pre-qualification is generally a good enough predictor of whether you’ll actually get a full approval when an underwriter scrutinizes the documentation during the loan process.

Follow these three easy steps to Pre-Qualify with Box Home Loans Today!

  1. Tell Us Who You Are. Submit basic information about yourself including your Name, Address, Income and some other essentials in an easy-to-use Online Application.
  2. Licensed Review. A licensed loan officer will give you a call to ensure the information is correct and pull a basic credit report for review.
  3. Issue Pre-Qualification Letter. Our loan officer will then issue you a Pre-Qualification Letter based on today’s rates that lets you know:
    • The maximum amount you can borrow for your next home loan.
    • The total monthly payment based on that maximum amount including: principal, interest, taxes, home owners insurance and mortgage insurance (if applicable).
    • Provide a list of what you’ll need to get Approved when you’re ready to make an offer with confidence when you’ve found the right home.

It’s that Easy! Get started with a Pre-Qualification Application Today!

Have you found the home you wish to place an offer on? Then you are actually at a stage that you need a pre-approval to purchase a home. In this case we recommend you get a Full Pre-Approval. Click here to learn more about what that means and how Box Home Loans is different than all other lenders.