Does your lender take care of customers? How can you even tell?

Many companies gauge the effectiveness of their customer service and experience with a number called a Net Promoter Score or NPS for short.

A NPS score will tell you how well people like working with a specific company with 100 being the highest number and -100 being the lowest number.

How is the NPS calculated?

A NPS score is calculated by polling customers about their experience and satisfaction with the company from 0-10 with 0 being the low and a score of 10 high.

Example: If 1,000 people are polled and 10% (100) have a bad experience of 0-6, 30% (300) have an ok experience of 7-8, and 60% (600) have a fantastic experience of 9-10 then the NPS score will be 50 (60-10= 50).

Why Box Home Loans NPS so high?

What gets measured gets improved: We track our NPS score religiously, and unlike most companies who compensate their loan officers and processors with big, fat commissions based on the size of your loan, we compensate our team with bonuses based on the rating you give us at the end of the process. Your happiness directly affects our employees’ bottom-line. Therefore, everyone at Box cares how happy you are.

Quick Closings: We learned early on that there is a direct correlation between how long the loan process takes and how happy our clients are. We often close loans in as little as ten days from the moment our clients supply us with documentation.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Our proprietary technology was developed with one goal in mind: make the messy mortgage process simpler, faster, and transparent for everyone. That leads to happy clients.

Pricing: Our extremely low rates and costs put our clients in a good mood from day one!