We’ll beat a competitive offer or pay you $500*

Apples to Apples comparison best price guarantee.opens IMAGE file


Our Best Price guarantee assumes that we are doing an apples to apples comparison, we guarantee that we will beat a competing offer for the lender fees on a purchase loan or we will pay you $500.

To ensure you are taking advantage of our Best Price Guarantee comply with the following: An apples to apples comparison assumes that we are comparing lender fees (section A of the Loan Estimate) for:

  • – The same loan product (i.e. 30 year fixed conforming) with
  • – The same interest rate
  • – On the same day


Additionally, our Best Price Guarantee only applies to the following loan programs:


Our Best Price Guarantee does NOT apply to products we do not offer currently, even if we offer them in the future, including but not limited to:

  • – Home renovation loan
  • – Jumbo Loans
  • – FHA 203(k)
  • – Construction Loans
  • – Revolving Loans


*Terms and Conditions