Save more with our Preferred Realtor® Discount

We’ve partnered with a select group of Realtors who are willing to contribute a significant portion of their commission toward your closing costs–up to .5% of the purchase price of the home. On a $250,000 purchase price, that is an additional $1,250 deducted from your closing costs. Why are these Realtors willing to do that? Because they get a bullet-proof, pre-approved, gift-wrapped client who is ready and able to buy.

Once you are pre-approved, you are eligible to participate in the program. At that point you will be introducted to preferred realtors in your area.

To participate as a preferred Realtor, the agent must have already established a successful multi-million dollar a year practice, come highly recommended, and maintain superb customer service ratings with our clients. Just like we allow our clients to rate us during and after their experience, our clients rate their experience with our preferred Realtors, and those ratings determine whether they remain in the program. Thus, they are highly incented to treat you right.

For more information, please contact your loan officer.

*Certain restrictions apply:  (i) not available in all states, as some states don’t allow real estate agents to contribute to a buyer’s closing costs (for a list of states where this is not allowed click here); (ii) amount contributed by real estate agent may be limited or nothing at all if seller is unwilling to pay a standard real estate commission to buyer’s agent of 3%; (iii) contribution from realtor may not exceed actual closing costs or prepaid items, and may not result in cash back to buyer; (iv) if you are currently working under an agreement with a real estate agent, please disregard this communication as it is not meant as a solicitation for your business; (v) you are not required to use this services as a condition for obtaining our mortgage services, but discounts and credits may not apply.